About Us

Founded in 1992 and located in Franklin, Tennessee, American Household started as a small retailer with the mission of supplying practical products that simplify life around the home. Since then, we have grown to major wholesale / distributor of some of the nation’s most popular category of products:

  • Housewares
  • Cosmetics
  • Electronics
  • As Seen On TV
  • Sports
  • Diet
  • Oral Care
  • Medical

Over the years American Household has gained a global presence and is best known for supplying
retailers with high-volume in/out programs as well as popular every-day items that generate consistent strong sales.

Starting in 2010, American Household began an additional division of representing inventors to large Direct Response companies.

In 2011, American Household again expanded by adding its Global Export Service Division, representing American companies in the export of their products and services to the global market.
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